David, the Author of The Seventh Star

David, the Author of The Seventh Star

David holds a dear spot in my heart.  We go back as far as 2016, where we met as baristas at Blue Bottle - a company that I admire in this coffee industry. 

I knew he was a rare gem when he shared with me one of his #Now or Never Moments; he used his credit card to self-publish his first children’s book called, The Seventh Star.  And, I am super honored that he gave me his last copy letting me know that I was a “real star.” 

Come to our shop in SoHo because we have his last copy on display for you to glean into his world through the eyes of Celeste. 

The Founder of Blue Bottle, James Freemen, always came across to me as someone meek who embodied a quiet strength with charisma.  When I think of David, I feel the same way. 

He always embraced his #Now or Never Moments with me during my entrepreneurship journey, and I appreciate how much he’s been a deep anchoring force.  He was the creative force when we were incubating million ideas around our mobile coffee cart for the Beakers Coffee Lab. He gave life to Celeste, the main character in his book, to a series of canvases with oil-paint and graciously donated his talent and sweat equity when I had nothing to offer other than my vision and passion. 

Now, he’s rebranded Now or Never Coffee, and I love collaborating with his creative leadership.  He walks his talk, and I always look forward to the next surprise. 

So, come on by to Now or Never Coffee, ask him to pour you a cup of latte filled with his love, and pick his brain on creative ideas. 

By the way, he makes lots of things, and you are welcome to look at them on Instagram at @drawnyon and we do encourage you to follow David

Let David inspire you to your next #Now or Never Moment.  

Sehwan - Founder

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