Suzanne, the Founder of Pass the Bar Soaps

Suzanne, the Founder of Pass the Bar Soaps

Suzanne is a humanitarian attorney-on-hiatus from Seattle, Washington, who found a natural and gentle cleansing solution for her children’s sensitive skin.

She is the Founder of Pass the Bar Soaps that makes soap FREE of parabens, sulfates, phthalates, preservatives, dye, and palm.  

Suzanne and my wife are best friends from law school. They inspired each other to set healthy boundaries with their own families.

When Suzanne became a mom, she couldn’t find a cleansing solution that alleviated her son’s eczema problems. In her #Now or Never Moment, she learned how to hand pour soap that is silky and hydrating, yet gentle for children. 

The pandemic inspired her to “pass the bar” to other homes, and Now or Never Coffee became her first retail store debut.  We are grateful for her generosity because she donated 2 boxes of soap to help us survive the pandemic.   

You can find her soap on our Website or at her Esty shop.  Suzanne is a proud supporter of Anacaona Community, a soap upcycling non-profit organization in Haiti.  Your purchase enables her company to send soap to children in underserved communities.   

We hope you FOLLOW Suzanne at @passthebarsoaps on Instagram and experience her nurturing soap, feel her energy, and get inspired by her stories. 

Let Suzanne inspire you to your next #Now or Never Moment.

Sehwan - Founder

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