The First #Now or Never Moment

The First #Now or Never Moment

Our mission is to serve superb coffee that ignites everyone’s #Now or Never Moments and nurture a playground for our coffee lovers to indulge in their passions. 

It’s now or never!  And, that is how I quit my corporate finance job in 2014.  I needed pocket money while searching for another corporate job, and decided to learn how to become a barista. 

Soon after, I fell in love with specialty coffee and its power to inspire people to connect with their #Now or Never Moments.  I wanted to create a coffee shop that would nurture its power. 

After five years of learning, experimenting, surrendering and shedding tears, I finally opened my first storefront coffee shop in SoHo, NYC in April 2019, and called it “Now or Never Coffee.” 

The pandemic literally halted us to rethink how we engage in the world, and we have been hibernating and adjusting to the new normal. So, here we are!  We are roasting our own beans and will be ready to share them with you in April. 

We hope you join the journey by SIGNING UP for our coffee subscription. Bring Full Moon (Espresso Blend) or Sun Rise (Single Origin) to your morning routine at home.  

Let us inspire you to your next #Now or Never Moment.  

Sehwan - Founder

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